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Simple Steps to a Lifetime of Healthy Feet

Have you ever wondered how far we walk on an average day? It’s not something we generally think about, but walking adds up over time. In fact, the average person will walk 177,000 kms in a lifetime.

One hundred and seventy seven kilometers. That’s a lot of walking.

In addition to average daily ground covered, many of us actively engage in a sporting activity that requires even more walking … much more. A golf player will walk an average of 8kms per game, while walkers and runners regularly complete big mileage.

One of the basic challenges when covering long distances on your feet is simply finding a good comfort level, and this starts from the ground up.

Feet are our foundation, the load-bearing structures that carry us through a lifetime, and yet they are largely neglected. Foot health is not complex, but if left unchecked can cause long-term functional and health problems.

Here’s a quick checklist to help keep feet healthy:

  • Check your feet regularly for any visual signs of change or infection
  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly, including between toes to prevent infection
  • Trim toenails regularly (straight across to avoid ingrown nails)
  • Maintain a healthy weight to avoid applying extra pressure to feet
  • Make a bi-annual appointment with a podiatrist to keep feet in good condition
  • Massage your feet regularly to help keep them flexible and healthy

And finally, choose the right shoes and socks – ill fitting and non-supportive footwear will cause long-term problems.

Start with your socks. Choose good quality woolen socks over synthetic materials. The soft, natural fibre is breathable keeping feet temperate. Wool naturally repels moisture to help keep feet dry while providing superior warmth and comfort. Buy socks that are designed for sports and athletics to get better support and exceptional performance.

Purchase quality shoes designed for your sport so they provide the right support. Many of today’s high-tech materials address foot health in their design, including using mesh materials to help feet breathe while still looking fashionable.

Keeping feet healthy is easy and can make a difference to your quality of life. Investing in proper care and quality footwear improves health and comfort when walking today, tomorrow and over a lifetime.

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